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Wanna come back.. u.u

Im starting to miss tumblr, but i dont know what to post.. like my thoughts aren’t like they used to, so i cant post all those damn negative stuff. And i dont know what else to post..

any ideas for me?

Anonymous asked: Hi um, I've never asked for help before but I don't like bottling it all up. Okay so, I'm not the skinniest and smallest out there and I am extremely self conscious. My closest friend knows this and she also knows that I used to cut. But lately my mum has been really mean to me about my weight, and teasing me about starving myself. Whenever I tear up in front of her she rolls her eyes and gets mad at me. I'm asking for help because the urge to cut is unbearable. Is there anything I can do?

Im sorry, i havent been online much. But i think you should talk to a therapist.. maybe they can help you. Cause what you mom is doing, is definitely not right.
And you should keep fighting the urges :3 hope im not to late..

Things have changed

So I have been clean for almost 4 months now, and im feeling much better. And as you might know, I haven’t been active lately. That’s because I get irritated when I look at my tumblr and see how negative it is. I’m still negative and all.. But having my negative tumblr only brings me down. So I want a more positive one, with more colors.

I’m planning on keeping this tumblr, and you guys can always message me. But I want start being active on my other tumblr, which is more positive. 

I will post the link to it some day o.o I dont know when, but it will happen.